sausage striper

  • Sausage Striper

    This machine all adopts USU304 stainless steel.
    It is suitable for stripping Cellulose casing packing sausages,
    high-efficient and labor saving.
    Performance parameter:
    1. External dimension:LxWxH =1900x700x1400mm
    2. Power:4.5Kw
    3. speed variator,The speed is adjustable
    4.Power :380V
    5. Keystrokes operation
    6. Suitable casing: Celluloid casing with a diameter between 16mm and 38mm, only can process Celluloid casing
    7. Need steam pressure 0.02Mpa
    8. Need compressed air 0.4Mpa

    1;Dimension:1900*700*1400。Packing dimension:1550*700*1400
    2:keyboard control, working speed:100m/min
    3:voltage information:380V50HZ, total power: 4.5KW、4+0.5=4.5 KW
    4:suitable sausage casing:cylulusic diameter 16-38mm
    5:needed steam pressure:0.02Mpa
    6:compressed air pressure;0.4Mpa

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