Knife Sharpening Machine

  • Knife Sharpening Machine
  • Knife Sharpening Machine
  • Knife Sharpening Machine
  • Knife Sharpening Machine
  • Knife Sharpening Machine
  • Knife Sharpening Machine
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Knife Sharpening Machine
  • Xiaojin
  • Shijiazhuang China
  • 1 month
  • 20sets/month

1.Main function: suitable for grinding bowl cutter knife, mainly for blades with circular or straight cutting edge. Dia.of circular arcs: 180-270mm,edge angle: 0~30°.
2.Main feature:
1)The machine is made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials, which is easy to clean and meets the national hygiene standards.
2)The equipment is designed and manufactured according to relevant standards, safe and reliable, and stable operation.
3)Easy to operate and maintenance.

Main technical parameter

Total power

About 1 kw


380Vthree phase four wire


50 Hz


IP 54

Sand wheel speed

400 rpm

Sand belt/polishing wheel speed

1500 rpm


About 90kg




MD-200E knife sharpening machine consist of grindstonewet sand belt and polishing wheel. Grindstone and sand belt adopt water-cooling working method, cooling device is saparately design.  

Left motor is used for changing the height of knife edge angle regulator. The knife edge angle’s adjustment through foot switch regulator with measurer scale. Because of the self-lock function of motor, there is no need for extra clamp device after fix the angle.

Loosen two clamping handles,edge angle adjustment device can totally move forward and backwardwhich can suitble for different knife sharpening.

Bolt on pallet is for placing reshaping unit, for fixing the grindstone after stained.

Trial working

1. Machine should be placed on horizontal ground and make the four feet in same level.

2. Connect electricity power( test the rotation direction), connet the ground wire with the ground wire net in the workshop.

3. Connect the cooling water pipe, put the water tank in proper position, add cooling liquid as standrad.

4. Check if the spare parts are broken and the working part is relexible.

5. Turn on the power, empty working 3-5 minutes, and check if there is any abnormal situation.

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