Sausage Clipping Machine

  • Sausage Clipping Machine
  • Sausage Clipping Machine
  • Sausage Clipping Machine
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Sausage Clipping Machine
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1.Brief Introduction to the Structure
Our Aluminum wire double clipper used the servo motor as a power source, to drive the closed CAM components, complete clamping, stretching, wire feeding, cutting, forming, sealing, cutting, achieved high-speed sealing function, sealing speed can be adjusted.In order to make the operation more convenient, fast, flexible, we use PLC programmed control to do the machine parameter setting, speed changes, and the communication with the related machines, it makes our machine convenient and quick, and makes high degree of automation.
The machine has simple structure, reliable operation, operation stability is high, easy maintenance.
Using aluminum wire as packaging materials, user operation cost is low.
2)Range of application
Fold diameter less than 30-120mm casing.

1.Total weightabout 833kg

2.Power3 phase 380V

3Motor power3.5kw

4The height of the clipping center to the ground980mm

5Clipping speed20-80 times/min

6Air sourceworking pressure0.5--0.6Mpa

7.Suitable moldK1  K2  K3  K4

8.Casing fold diameter30--140 mm    

Brief Introduction to the Structure


Our Aluminum wire double clipper used the servo motor as a power source, to drive the closed CAM components, complete clamping, stretching, wire feeding, cutting, forming, sealing, cutting, achieved high-speed sealing function, sealing speed can be adjusted.In order to make the operation more convenient, fast, flexible, we use PLC programmed control to do the machine parameter setting, speed changes, and the communication with the related machines, it makes our machine convenient and quick, and makes high degree of automation.

The machine has simple structure, reliable operation, operation stability is high, easy maintenance.

Using aluminum wire as packaging materials, user operation cost is low.

2)Range of application

Fold diameter less than 30-120mm casing.


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