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  • Sausage Cutter
  • Sausage Cutter
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Sausage Cutter
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This machine has the following outstanding features:
1. The cutting position is accurate, and the speed is adjustable with reaching 60m per minute.
2. The operation is easy and simple with touch screen, and the programmable mode is adopted for controlling.
3. The adaptation range is extensive, and the adjustment can be made according to the diameter and length of products in order to be convenient to form the production line.
4. The machine has small volume and low equipment power, which can reduce the production cost of the sausage products.
5. The machine structure is compact with reliable running, and the machine body, main parts and transmission components adopt the national standard 304 stainless steel and superior quality steel materials to process and manufacture, which conforms to the food hygienic requirements.

Main Technical Parameters

1. Overall Dimension: Length× Width× Height=850×806×1450mm

2. Total Power: 1.9kw

3. Power Supply: 380V 50HZ

sausage cutter

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