Outstanding enterprises of meat processing machinery: Hebei Xiaojin Machinery Manufacturing Inc.--One of Leading Manufacturing Enterprise of Meat Processing Machinery.

Meat processing machinery outstanding enterprise series inventory: Hebei Xiao Jin machinery manufacturing Limited by Share Ltd - one of the leading enterprises of meat machinery

In the past ten years, the Chinese meat food processing industry has developed rapidly, which provides a broad stage for meat machinery enterprises. With the continuous development of the industry, domestic enterprises keep exploring and innovating. Related machinery quality has been improved, and it’s capable to compare with foreign coterie. There are many large and small meat processing machinery manufacturing enterprises in China's meat processing industry, and many of them are with excellent quality and service.

Reasons of listing: one of the leading enterprises of meat machinery industry, one of the most professional researching and developing enterprises in domestic food processing machinery field.

Since founded in 1986, Xiaojin has developed into the leading powerful enterprise in this industry. Staff of Hebei Xiaojin works together, researches and innovates more than 40 kinds, 100 types food processing machinery, including vacuum sausage filler, pneumatic sausage filler, great wall double clipper, aluminum double clipper, frozen meat grinder, bowl cutter, automatic smokehouse, vacuum tumbler, mixer, saline injector, frozen meat slicer, tenderizer, manual clipper, and all kinds of aluminum clips. Xiaojin Brand not only includes all fields of food processing industry, but also many products gain national patent, which fill the blank of domestic market.

List of reasons: one of the leading enterprises of meat machinery. Domestic food processing machinery industry, one of the most professional R & D and production enterprises. Since its inception in 1986, the use of nearly 20 years, the development of the industry has become the most powerful leading enterprises. Has developed 40 varieties of more than 100 models of food machinery, covering the frozen meat grinder, cut and mixing machine, full automatic fumigation furnace, vacuum roll kneading machine, vacuum mixer, saline injection machine, frozen meat slicing machine, activation tenderizing machine etc. meat processing industry in all areas, and many products project won the national patents, to fill gaps in the domestic market.

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