Xiaojin Machinery's fire-fighting knowledge training

      On July 11, during the midsummer fire-prone period, Xiaojin Machinery's fire-fighting knowledge training and evacuation drills were conducted in the company's courtyard.

     This time it was jointly organized by the fire department, Hebei Safety and Health Education Network, and Hebei Xiaojin Machinery Co., Ltd. More than 60 people were involved in the main person in charge of enterprise safety production, the security inspection department, each department office, each department minister and workshop team. This fire-fighting knowledge training aims to improve employees’ awareness of fire safety, publicize fire-fighting knowledge, ensure that the company’s safe passages are unblocked, and are skilled in evacuation and escape skills. Through this exercise, employees have improved their ability to deal with emergencies, self-rescue and escape.

     The leaders of the company attached great importance to this fire drill and fully affirmed the results achieved, laying a solid foundation for safe production in the future and preventive measures.

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