Workshop and Quality Center

Xiao Jin Machinery has been the implementation of quality management as the central task of modern enterprise management, and gradually establish a set of scientific, standardized and complete quality management system. Enterprises have a good procurement, production, inspection, transportation, sales management capabilities, but also set up a sound quality management system, through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and product CE certification. Not long ago, Xiao Jin Machinery also received by the Meat Association awarded the "China's meat industry's most valuable brand" award. Xiao Jin Machinery reason to stand out in many food machinery enterprises, it is by virtue of its perfect production process, strict factory detection, excellent management ability, and the strong quality and safety management system outside, but also have independent third party supervision of the quality of the machine structure, and established a set of perfect product quality traceability system, products from raw material procurement, production, management, sales link process traceability of requirements. After years of development, Xiao Jin Machinery has in the food processing sector made remarkable achievements, has become China's only a has a set of high-end meat processing machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises, to lead the development of the food processing industry, and establish a good image of the industry benchmark with the successful experience of the real.

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